Heaven and Hell Report

Topics: Hell, Heaven, Fallen angel Pages: 3 (1248 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Heaven and Hell Report
Jacob Koshak
This is a story about the journey of a husband and wife, Chris and Serena Davis, as they both go through two different realms in the afterlife. The story begins with the couple returning from a Festival and being hit by an oncoming 18 wheeler truck. The impact instantly kills them both and both are then sent to be judged by God in the afterlife. Chris is an avowed Christian that is sent to heaven for being faithful to God while Serena, being a non-believer, is sent to Hell for her denial of Christ’s eternal gift. The book accounts, in vivid detail, the stark differences between the two realms of Heaven and Hell. While Chris meets the Father and is reunited with his long dead mother and is blessed by the beauties of Heaven, Serena is horrified and tortured by the meeting of the father of lies and the experience of the suffering that is Hell. The story notes the trial of Serena by Satan and the book instantly notes uniqueness about this Serena Davis. Satan notices it and, after being persuaded by Serena during her trial, decides to allow her to tour his realm before he sets down his final judgment and eternal punishment. During her tour she is exposed to the true horrors that Hell has to offer and meets many people, among those that she meets is her own mother whom made her life on earth nearly unbearable. She is then cast into a sea of fire and left there to be tortured for an eternity. Meanwhile, Chris is plagued by dreams in Heaven, dreams that are of a woman whom he cannot remember. These constant dreams plague his thoughts and he is disturbed by the lack of memory that he has for this woman that he constantly has visions of. One day, while visiting the Hall of Records in heaven, which is a hall that holds the records of every single human, angel, and demon in existence, he is met by a woman that looks strangely familiar and close to the woman that is in his dreams. Upon meeting her he is persuaded to go to the Father God...
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