Topics: Transhumanism, Artificial intelligence, Future Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Ray Kurzweil, a writer and inventor, believes in the Heaven scenario. The Heaven scenario shows the Curve going up, meaning only good will come from technology as we go further along into the future. Kurzweil talks about how he sees the Curve as something humans made and how it’s the outcome of our actions. The Curves move fast and even though it’s constantly disrupted, it’s unstoppable. He sees us taking small steps to a better future, one benefited by technology and how if it’s more effective in a positive way, everyone will accept it. People want to see where we’ll be technologically 3, 4, 5, years into the future, but scientists can really only see so far out and put aside that idea. Kurzweil has predictions of his own, which he ends up talking about. He goes into great detail describing many futures affected by technology and starts by talking about 2009 and predicting things like keyboards will still be around and people using computers that are portable. He goes so far as to predict what will happen in 2099 where robots are almost exactly like humans, giving them a name, The Mostly Original Substrate Humans (MOSHs) and by now we’ve reached an almost god like place, there’s no disease, everybody is perfect, and we’ve basically reached immortality. Kurzweil believes we will transcend because of computers.

“Thence comes our ideas of transcending origins and becoming something more than we are. Thence comes our demonstration that stealing fire from the gods is at the heart both of human nature and the Heaven scenario.” says the author of Radical Revolution, Garreau.

We go into GRIN technologies, which talks about the future of humans. The G is for Gregory Stock, the director at the School of Medicine at the University of California. Stock’s version is different; he thinks genetic engineering will be the path we take by making better humans, correcting flaws in our bodies. He believes in artificial chromosomes and adding them to the embryo to enhance...
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