Heating Up

Topics: Pregnancy, Human sexual behavior, Adolescence Pages: 3 (1065 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Heating Up
Sex has become a prominent topic for television in this generation. Rebecca L. Collins, a senior behavioral scientist who graduated from UCLA, claims in the essay “Does Watching Sex on Television Influence Teens’ Sexual Activity?” that sex on television influences the early initiation of sex for teens. She believes that the leverage that television has over teens can easily be avoided and provides ways to decrease teens’ sexual activity. However, television has a positive influence on teens’ sexual behavior. Her argument can easily be disproved with the support of shows that appear on television today. Although Collins defends her argument with studies and research, sexual talk on television has a positive impact on teens. Lastly, Collins stereotypes the “type” of kids who are least likely to engage in sexual activity but her reasons are flawed and biased. Television serves as a good resource for sexual education.

Sex is not something one can keep in the dark. Curiosity and the desire to have sex for young teens is inevitable, even if the teens did not see it on television. People believe television has a negative influence on teens’ sexual activity. Their belief that sex is portrayed as a “fun, casual activity” on television is a misconception. Viewers are able to see the consequences of sexual activity through the lives of others on television. Collins argues that “TV plays a role in hastening the initiation of sexual activity,” (Collins qtd. Rottenberg 543). however, her point is rebutted because MTV’s show, 16 & Pregnant, clearly illustrates the consequences of teens who engage in sexual activity at a young age. This show documents the lives of young pregnant teens extensively in order to educate viewers about the impact of careless sexual activity. According to an article in The Independent Florida Alligator, written by Jensen Werley, Bruce Floyd, a social media specialist for UF University Relations, says that “these [shows] could encourage...

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