Heat of Fusion for Ice

Topics: Melting point, Thermodynamics, Temperature Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Heat of Fusion
Heat of Fusion for Ice

This lab report is a step by step process in calculating the heat of fusion for ice and to compare the differences between salt added to room temperature water and salt added to icy water. To calculate heat of fusion, one must understand heat of fusion. Heat of fusion is the amount of heat required to convert a mass of a solid at its melting point into a liquid without an increase in temperature. As difficult as this may sound, this experiment can be carried out with minimal equipment. The following equipment was needed, a 100mL graduated cylinder, a calorimeter, a digital thermometer, a calculator, water, and ice cubes.

The procedure to find the heat of fusion for ice was measured by melting ice cubes in a known volume and temperature of water and carefully measuring the results. The first step was to precisely measure the volume of water to be poured into the calorimeter, less then 80ml is recommended. At this point, the calorimeter water’s temperature was recorded. While continually recording the temperature, two ice cubes were dropped into the calorimeter and the temperature of the water was watched closely as the ice cubes melted into the water. The lowest recorded temperature was then stored for future calculations. The next step was to measure the new volume of water in the calorimeter, this was done with a graduated cylinder. The initial volume of water was then subtracted from the final volume of water to get the volume of the ice cubes added to the calorimeter. The difference in water temperature was then calculated as well, this was the starting temperature minus the maximum low temperature. All measurements were done at this point. Calculations were then performed with the collected data to determine the amount of energy transferred into the initial volume of water from the ice cubes. The number of moles of water added to the experiment by the ice cubes was then...
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