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Why do some  appliances produce more heat  than the others?  Most appliances with high power  rating are heating appliances.The heating appliances has  a  heating element like resistors. The resistorsconvert electrical energy into light and thermal energy . It depends on the resistance of material if how much heat can be produced  from electricity.    Those devices who produced heat, the Nichrome wire is an element who is responsible for heating . when we say nichrome wire , it is an alloy with the combination of nickel and chromium . It has two reasons  why it serves as a good  producer of heat. First, Nichrome wire has greater  resistivity than the other element like cooper.Second,it does not rust even at high temperature. therefore, when electrons collide with atoms, they make the latter turn and vibrate even faster. In that case more thermal energy may produced. When the wire resistance is greater,The hotter the object becomes .

heat generated in appliances
I. OBJECTIVESGeneral ObjectiveUnderstand the basic concepts and principles of electricity as used in home circuit connections Specific Objectives1. Describe how the amount of heat generated in appliances is affected by current in the circuit, resistance of appliances, and duration of using the appliances 2. Explain practical observations related to heating effect of current 3. Cite ways of minimizing heat dissipated in non-heating appliances

A. Lesson: Heat Generated in Appliances
B. ReferenceMinistry of Education and Culture. (1981). Physics in your environment: High school science IV (1st ed.). Manila: Author. C. MaterialsMaterials listed in Activity 3.12
A. Motivation
1. Ask some or all of the questions to your students:
- What appliances in the home contribute most to your energy consumption? - If they are used for the same period of time, which three appliances will have the greatest consumption?
- What is common among the three appliances? What is the most essential part of heating appliance?
2. What material is commonly used as a heating element? Why? B. Lesson/Activity Proper
1. In groups, let the students design an experiment to solve a problem using the suggested materials or other materials available in the laboratory. 2. Divide the class into groups of 3 to 4 members and distribute the Activity Sheet. 3. Present the problem situation in the Activity Sheet. Encourage questions from the students. Clarify points. 4. Guide the students in planning the procedure by asking the following questions: - What quantities possibly affect the amount of heat produced by a heating coil? - Which are the independent and dependent variables?

- How can you control other variables in order to determine the effect of one independent variable to the dependent variable? 5. Ask students to seek teacher’s approval of the design before carrying out the experiment. 6. Supervise students while they perform their activities.

7. Inform your students that they should at least be able to gather data for today. . ASSESSMENT/AGREEMENTWhat are your insights in today’s lesson? Write this in your journal.

Activity 3.12
Heat Generated in Appliances
PurposeYou are expected to
1. Design an activity that will help solve a practical problem; and 2. Determine factors affecting the amount of electrical energy converted to heat. Problem
The Water Heater
Nora and Ampy bought 2 different brands of electric water heater for their baths. After one week of use, Ampy complained that her heater takes so long to heat up one pail of water. While Nora’s heater easily heats up the same amount of water. What could be wrong with Ampy’s heater? TaskDesign and perform an experiment to find out why some appliances produce more heat than others. Determine what factors affect the amount of electrical energy that is converted to heat. Based on the findings, suggest ways of increasing the heat produced by Ampy’s heater....
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