Heart Rate and Bunsen Burner

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Biology Coursework

Skill: A
- Bunsen Burner
- Measuring Liquid

Skill: B
- Leaf Variation
- Conch

Skill: C
- Heart Rate
- Height Variation

Skill: D
-Energy in food
-Toxic response of invertebrates (woodlice)

Skill A
Title: Assembling & using the Bunsen Burner
Aim: To assemble & use the Bunsen Burner

* Bunsen Burner
* Spark Lighter
* Tripod Stand
* Wire Gauze
* Gas Hose
* Thermometer (Celsius)
* 250 ml beaker

1. Identify all of the apparatus needed for the burner.
2. Assemble the Bunsen burner apparatus correctly.
3. Half fill the beaker with water.
4. Using the thermometer measure the temperature of the water & record. 5. Using the spark lighter, light the Bunsen burner and adjust the flame. 6. Place the 250ml beaker of water on the Bunsen burner and allow the water to boil. 7. Once the water has boiled, turn off the Bunsen burner. Measure and record the temperature of the water.

8. Disassemble the Bunsen burner apparatus and put away all other materials used. Clean those that require.

When the Bunsen burner is lit and the air hole is open the flame is blue. When the air hole is closed the flame is orange. The temperature of the water was also raised after it was heated.

Before| After |
28 c| 96 c|

The laboratory Bunsen burner was invented by Robert Wilhelm Bunsen in 1855. Bunsen was a German chemist and teacher. He invented the Bunsen burner for his research in isolating chemical substances , it has a high-intensity, non-luminous flame that does not interfere with the colored flame emitted by chemicals being tested. Peter Desaga was a University of Heidelberg mechanic who built the first Bunsen burner to Bunsen's specifications. Bunsen also invented the. The Bunsen burner is named after Robert Bunsen. It is a common piece of laboratory equipment that produces a single open gas flame that scientist uses for heating and sterilization. My overall summer about the Bunsen Burner is that it is one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment used in a lab. You can use the device to heat up anything. It is very easy to control. After lighting the Bunsen burner I placed the 250 ml beaker on top of the gauze. The flame lit up through the gauze under the beaker heating it. When I opened the air whole, the flame turned blue, and when it was closed it turned orange. At the end of my experiment, I was successful and I completed all my tasks. And I also learned how to use a Bunsen burner.

Skill A
Title: Measuring the volume of a known liquid
Aim: To measure the volume of a liquid

* 100ml Measuring Cylinder
* 250 ml beaker
* Potassium permangate solution

1. Measure 40ml of Potassium Permanganate in a beaker
2. Carefully pour the solution from the beaker to the measuring cylinder 3. Measure 30ml of water in the beaker.
4. Carefully transfer the measured water into the measuring cylinder. 5. Read the volume in the measuring cylinder.
6. Determine the accuracy of the volume.
7. Record the actual volume of the solution
8. Clean the apparatus and properly dispose of the solution.

When the liquid is poured from the beaker into the cylinder there is still water left at the bottom. The volume was different each try.

Results: | |
First Attempt : | 55|
Second Attempt:| 62|
Third Attempt: | 69 |

The beaker and the cylinder were both used to measure volume. After transferring the liquid a meniscus was left. A meniscus is what happens when you put a liquid into a container. When you put water in a beaker or test tube, you see a curved surface. With most liquids, the attractive force between the liquid and the container is greater than the attraction between the individual liquid molecules. So the liquid sticks to the side of the container. This skill was carried out by finding...
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