Heart Disease Essay

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Heart disease

What is heart disease?
Heart disease or Cardiovascular disease is an abnormal function of the heart or blood vessels. It can cause an increase in risk for heart attack, heart failure, sudden death, stroke and cardiac rhythm problems, thus resulting in decreased quality of life and decreased life expectancy. The causes of cardiovascular disease range from structural defects, to infection, inflammation, environment and genetics. In order to help prevent cardiovascular disease one must adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking, fattening foods and stress. Heart disease is a serious problem not only in the United States but also in many other countries around the world.
Every 33 seconds, a person dies from Cardio Vascular Disease in the United States.
Every 20 seconds, one person has a heart attack in the United States.
Every day, nearly 2,500 people die in the United States.
Approximately, 2,500 Americans die before they manage to get to the hospital.

What Health Risks Are Associated With Alcohol?
Alcohol may raise your blood pressure, interfere with some medicines, and contribute to other health problems, such as: • cancer • death and injury from accidents • heart and brain damage • liver and pancreas disease • depression


How can I prevent heart disease?

Heart disease is preventable and manageable.
Your best defense is controlling the risk factors that could lead to coronary artery disease, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, stress, excessive alcohol consumption, physical inactivity and being overweight.
If you’ve been diagnosed with a heart condition, there are treatments to help you manage your illness. You can further reduce your risk by considering these heart-healthy steps: ▪ Be smoke-free. ▪ Be physically active. ▪ Know and control your blood pressure. ▪ Eat a healthy diet that is lower in fat, especially saturated and trans fat. ▪ Achieve and

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