Heart Disease

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Heart Attack

Bring up a heart disease and most people start thinking of a heart attack. But in reality, a heart disease consists more than just a heart attack. Heart attack just isn’t for men; it also includes women in the category (Star, Ventura County). There can be/are many conditions that can cause a heart to stop doing its normal abilities. Some of the conditions include coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, and heart failure. 1 in 3 Americans have some sort of cardiovascular disease (Star, Ventura County). But today, I will be explaining the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, complications, treatment, cures of a heart attack. A heart attack usually occurs with a blood clot happening to block the way of the blood flow through a blood vessel which feeds it to the heart. The interrupted flow of blood to the heart can damage or even destroy a heart muscle. Another name for a heart attack is also called a myocardial, which can be fatal (Foundation Mayo). “Myo” means muscle; “cardial” refers to the heart, and “infraction” means death to a tissue due to loss of blood supply (WebMD). People have this difficulty because they try to ignore the problems without knowing its symptoms. I will be explaining the symptoms later on. But because of the delay in accepting the disease people end up giving their lives which is sad for their family members and friends. The treatment in the U.S. A. has improved dramatically (Foundation Mayo). The research is still continuing forward. The lifestyle to live in today makes a very big difference: the way you eat, how you exercise, and even how you can deal with your stress. Your heart muscle requires a steady supply of oxygen (Foundation Mayo). The muscle which provides the heart with the oxygen is called coronary arteries. Each coronary artery provides blood to a special region of the heart. When you have coronary artery disease, CAD, the blood vessel narrows which makes the blood not flow as well as it should. After that, a sticky plague builds up on the inside of the blood vessel. When a heart attack happens, one of the plagues can break. After the burst a blood clot will form on that spot, blocking the flow of the blood completely (Foundation Mayo). Another cause for a heart attack can be/is a spasm, which is caused by drugs (WebMD). Other causes of a heart attack include: a tear in the coronary artery, small blood clots, and small tumors from other part of the body. With all of these causes the heart muscle then has no oxygen to be fed. In a little while, the cells of the heart start to die. If the flow of blood is continued again, then it is possible that an attack can be cured. Being able to recognize a heart attack is an important thing because then you know what steps to take for recovery. Common heart attack symptoms include: a pressure building up in your chest with pain which last for more than a few minutes. Pain that is being extended from your chest to your back, arm, shoulder, or even teeth or jaw. More symptoms would include: Shortness of breath, sweating, fainting, and nausea and vomiting. Additional signs for women can be heartburn, lightheaded or dizziness, and tiredness (Foundation Mayo). The symptoms written above can be varied in different types of people. The more signs that you have can be likelihood that you are having a heart attack. Heart attacks can happen anytime, when you work, play, or even when you are resting (Foundation Mayo). Many people get warning signs beforehand like days or even weeks before. The earliest sign of a heart attack happens from a chest pain called Angina (WebMD). This pain can be triggered by exertion and then relieved by rest (WebMD). This happens by a temporary decline of blood flow available to the heart muscle. Many people think that Heart Failure is when the heart stops working, but it really means that the heart cannot pump enough blood to the body efficiently (Foundation Mayo).

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