Heart Break In James Baldwin's If Beale Street Could Talk

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Synthesis Essay

In the end it is love that truly defines life. Love is what brings people all of the world joy and happiness. Of course, as with every thing, there is a flip side to this, love, especially uncontrollable love can lead to an awful thing called heartbreak. Many people wonder if love is worth the risk of heart break. Even Tish wonders this in If Beale Street Could Talk. The author James Baldwin over shadows a lot of important topics including racism, justice, and prejudice, but his main point was to show that end the end, that risk of heart break was worth the amazing experience of love. To be human everyone feels love, but the important part of that human emotion is to recognize it and love unconditionally to a select group
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People have a choice, they can either choose love or money. Very few people get both love and money and those people who do are lucky. Readers can see this with Tish’s family. Although they love each other they have very little in the way of money, while Fonny’s family has little love that is very scattered, they do have some money for his mother and his sisters to get nice, fancy things (Baldwin). It is clear that there is always a choice and this choice clearly has a better answer, Love is worth more than money because it keeps people happy. Love is worth more than any amount of money in the world. When it comes to weighing love and money they are waited in different ways. Just ask a child with parents who fight all day. Would they rather have to deal with their parents yelling and screaming all day and get lots of expensive new toys or would they rather their parents stop fighting and just love each other? Of course they are going to chose the love option because this mean that their parents love will make everybody happy and will make life a much better experience. Of course there might be some ups and downs along the way, and everything has pains of sorrows, even love but working through it is much better than sitting in it the pain (Source D). Money is nothing compared to the joy and happiness that comes with the possibility of

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