Hearing Loss Research Paper

Topics: Ear, Tinnitus, Hearing impairment Pages: 7 (1555 words) Published: May 4, 2017

Noise can cause our ears to hurt and can cause some people to go deaf. The decibels(dB) of a noise are put on a scale if it is at or over then eighty-five dB it can cause hearing loss. People that have hearing loss are not deaf they still have some hearing. When they have hearing loss they need to go to the ear doctor, so they can see if they have permanent hearing loss. The doctors are going to need to run some tests to see why you are experiencing hearing loss. He/she is going to tell you if you have conductive hearing loss or sensorineural hearing loss or mixed hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss is the sound pass through the outer ear or the middle ear and sensorineural hearing loss is damage of the inner ear and/or the nerve that is...

Now when you are out in public, at school or at home you might not be able to hear the noise around you. There are going to be times when you are going to need them to repeat things that you cannot hear and it going to start to frustrate you. Hearing loss might be permanent and can affect on your everyday life. When you having hearing loss you will not be able to hear high pitch sounds like a sound of a woman or a child. People that have hearing loss cannot hear the consonants like T, S, F. Aging, what is it?
Aging can cause hearing loss because your ears start to get weak after all the different sound that you hear every day. When you are aging the follicles(hairs in the ear) might been damaged or have died,...

When you are born they will tell your parents if you are a hearing or deaf baby. If you are born deaf most likely got it from genetics that both parents have that trait. If both parent are hearing and you are deaf most likely you got it from their recessive. Genes that your parents have you will have half of those from each parent and when there are two recessive trait they take over the dominant trait so you will have their recessive trait not their dominant trait. Hereditary hearing can be sensorineural, conductive, or it can be both sensorineural and conductive. Hearing loss can be a genetic form that can be distinguished from a non genetic. They can diagnosed by an examination using audiologic, family history, otologic, ancillary testing, and/or physical examination. After, you get the results, you can read and find out why you are starting to not be able to hear. Most likely it is do to genetics that were passed down to you and when you have kids you will give them that trait but it not a hundred percent that there are going to have hearing loss.There might be other parts of your family that have hearing loss and then they become deaf in the future and there is a chance that you will become deaf or be hard of hearing. Genetics are a major part in a human body if our body is missing a gene it cause a person to be deaf, blind, and other things. Hereditary can affect any parts of your...
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