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Hearing Aid Paper

By dizzle117 Feb 21, 2012 450 Words
A. How has a hearing aid , an energy sensing device, affected the way people sense energy?

B. The hearing aid amplifies sound energy that comes into contact to the hearing aid. There are two types of hearing loss. 1. Sensorial hearing loss. This hearing loss is caused by damage to the cochlea, infections, genes, head trauma, exposure to loud noises or fluid buildup in the inner ear. This is the hearing loss that hearing aids can help with. 2. Conductive hearing loss. This occurs when sound does not move as it should through the eardrum. This can be caused by earwax, punctured eardrum, or fluid in the ear. It feels like your ears are plugged. This hearing loss can be corrected through surgery. The progression of hearing aids can be seen throughout history. It started with an early model that was usually made from an animal horn. They could also be made out of wood. How they use these instruments: People would take it and put it up to their ear and let the sounds be funneled down to their ear. The design amplified the sound at least 5x.

Here is a picture of what an early hearing aid would have looked like. All of these early models have contributed to the development and making of the average hearing aid you would see today.

The animal the rabbit is similar to the hearing aid. Why you ask? Because of the way their ears are shaped. The ears are designed to funnel in sound and amplify it by using its design. Rabbits are one of the animals that can hear very well. The reason they have these funneling ears is to hear predators coming before predators can kill them. I propose that if I make a smaller chip in a hearing aid, I can make the hearing aid smaller so that more young people with hearing loss will use them. The reason young people don't like to use their hearing aids is because they are embarressed that they have to wear hearing aids. So if I make the hearing aid invisible young people will want to wear their hearing aids without being embarressed

I will take 100 thirteen year olds that need to wear hearing aids and give fifty regular hearing aids as a control. Then I will give the other fifty the small hearing aid and see who will wear the hearing aid more, the normal hearing aid or the small.

E. Conclusion, I conclude if we make hearing aids smaller then young people will have better quality of life by being able to hear better because they are willing to wear their newly designed hearing aid.

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