Healthy Lifestyles

Topics: Nutrition, High school, School terminology Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Obesity is a recent health epidemic that has dire consequences for America’s health. Contribution to this epidemic can include family lifestyle, calorie intake, and major changes in eating patterns. The usual advice that is given is to eat less and exercise more. By schools making students aware of this while they are young they will be able to carry good healthy habits into their adulthood.

A healthy lifestyle is very important to feel good about oneself, able to be more active, and being motivated in school. There are many reasons to why as a healthy lifestyle is important, the most important is to be able to feeling good about yourself and being active, if you don’t feel good about yourself and your not active this is more than likely affect your performance in school and grades. Not feeling good about yourself from the outside as you do from the inside, you are more likely to withdraw yourself from friends, school, activities, and sports. By following a healthy lifestyle you can feel great about yourself and having energy to complete school assignments, motivation to join school activities, and sports. Doing these things will help you attain your goals, by allowing you to have enough energy to pay attention in class instead of falling asleep, communicating with teachers and friends when a problem is encountered with school work, and being less stressed by being able to stay active. Being more active in your lifestyle can help you be on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Being active doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a workout routine, it means being active physically from being involved in sports to taking a 20 minute walk every day. Even though you’re staying active, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a healthy lifestyle. You must eat healthy foods as well, if you were to eat junk food for breakfast before a test instead a healthy meal you’re more likely to get tired in the middle of the test, because you’re not giving your brain the proper...
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