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Topics: Physical exercise, Exercise, Personal life Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: September 11, 2013
The Role and Issues that arise of the GetFitCrossFit Organization among adults in Brunei. Health, a fortune I wish upon every woman or man I see for without it she or he will not be able to explore the seas. Although the ideal concept would be for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle, the world is evident that this is difficult to achieve. The leading causes of worldwide deaths are diseases which I believe can be prevented (Grifantini, 2010). Simply, health is a necessary commodity to carry out everyday tasks, and if one would like to carry out a task well, one needs to have a healthy mind, body and soul (World Health Organization, 1948). In Brunei, in the recent years, the government keeps campaigning for healthy lifestyles, banks and other companies hold marathons, GetFitCrossFit organization has been rising and is very popular now. However, although these efforts have its role and aim on maintaining and achieving a healthy lifestyle, it may not be affective. Hence, this essay will elaborate on the role and the effectiveness on the GetFitCrossFit organization among adults in Brunei. First and foremost, it is the members’ responsibility to understand the elements of fitness, examine their present fitness status, decide to begin or continue suitable exercise habits and lastly to determine their health behaviors that need to be changed following appropriate steps (Howley & Franks, 1991, p.10). The role of this organization is basically to keep fit and practice a healthy lifestyle. Adding to that, their aim is to make people fast and strong. This organization concentrates on mainly on three fundamental factors that must collaborate in order to benefit from workouts which are exercise, nutrition and recovery. Weightlifting, gymnastics and running are the components used for the exercise in balancing strength and conditioning. Balanced diet is really important in terms of reducing processed food and sugar and more natural foods (Rodriguez, 2009). As for the...
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