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Lifestyl e Ch oices

Co n s c i e n t i o u s n e s s , the trait that leads a person to be more careful, considerate and mindful of oneself and others, may increase one’s chances of being successful and living a longer life because it can help one to liv e mo r e s t a b l e a n d mo d e r a t e l y .21

Sm i l i n g not only makes one feel better because it sends signals from the face to the brain that the person is happy, but also it impacts the wellbeing of others since it sends a positive message to them!22 •To live a healthy life, it is also important to have a su p p o rt sy ste m , whether that includes friends, family, pets or others you may know in your life.23 •Al t r u i s m and giving back not only helps the community but also provides one with a se n se of v a l ue a nd f ul f i l l m e nt .25 •Ta ke t i m e f or y our s e l f . It is important to create a space where you can re e n e rg i z e yourself and re f l e c t on what you’ve done throughout the day. • Practice MI N D F U L N E S S . What is mi n d f u l n e s s ? Mindfulness is the state of consciously being aware in the pr es en t m o m en t , both internally (your internal sense of self) and externally (what is going on in your surrounding environment) in an accepting manner.26

Be g r a t e f ul for today and for the abundance of what you have in your life (th i n k p o si ti v e ! ) . •Take time to appreciate life. Sl o w d o w n . What’s the rush? Take a stroll in a park with nature. Walk slowly. En j oy t h e n a t u r a l s c e n e r y !

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Ac kn ow l edg emen ts : Thank you to Shane Moise, Regina Fleming and Karen Calfas for your support, consultation and editing on this project. 4

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

This is a simple pamphlet that outlines how to live a healthy lifestyle. You may store this pamphlet in a safe location and look back to it for inspiration on day-to-day tips.

Q: W h a t i s a h e a l t h y l i f e s t y l e ? A: A healthy lifestyle is one that focuses...
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