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Topics: Nutrition, Hypertension, Obesity Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: February 18, 2013
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Form 3 KName Ng King Kiu Edwin Class No. 30 Date 24th February2012

Based on the information provided on pages 100-102 of your textbook, write an article for Starlet about tackling child obesity in about 200 words.

Give your article an appealing title.

Start a Healthy Lifestyle Now !
Child obesity is one of the outstanding concerns inn Hong Kong. The number of overweight people in Hong Kong ranks among the there Asian cities, the Department of Health stated. The main reason of suffering from obesity is the lifestyle of the children has changed. The problem is getting atrocious. But how can the matter be resolved? The department also pointed out that Hong Kong student liked to snack on high sugar, fat and salt snacks such as sweets and clips. Furthermore, students spend most of their free time doing homework, surfing the Internet and watching TV instead of playing at school. They said the reason was the school is too crowd for playing and the sports facilities are too few. The phenomenon shows the changing of lifestyle has a acute influence on student. Chronic ailments such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and cancer could be led by obesity, Dr. Ho Mei-lin from the Centre for Health Protection said. It can also cause psychological problems because many overweight people are afraid of being rejected and are therefore grudging to have a hand in social activities. Since the students have more pocket money, they become open-handed and lavish when it comes to the purchase of snacks. As the demand for snacks is growing, the school tuck sop sells only soft drinks, fish balls, ice cream and chips. Moreover, students buy their lunch at school for convenience instead of bringing their own lunch boxes in modern-day. Many of their parents complain the meals offered by the school caterer are fatty and very...
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