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Healthy Junk food

By star9797979 Feb 22, 2014 847 Words

Healthy Junk Food

Isn’t it just nearly impossible for resisting junk food if been offered? It’s been decades that chefs are trying to discover something new, some lip-smacking snacks, which have become a drug for people these days. These snacks can surely be eaten, but at a particular quantity, which won’t gain weight. However, exercise is a must because how low-fat junk food the dish is, it’s still considered as junk food. However, the actual meaning of healthy junk food is food, which contains a lot of calories but is nutritious and healthy in the same way. Teenagers…actually kids these days think that healthy junk food actually means stuff like Subway and Pizza. Because, Apparently it contains proteins, vegetables and all. In a way they are right, but wrong as well. There should be a limit of eating junk food. There are so many kids who have been struggling from obesity and heart problems as well due to eating junk food, which they consider healthy.

Many products and food dishes says the amount of fat that particular thing have. For example subway, it says contains less than 95% of fat. Yes, science does play a role in this. They must have tested the particular product and then published the amount of fat it contains. But if an argument comes on products like fake sweeteners, which contain 0% fat. It’s hard to believe such products because have the scientist must have tested about the product containing 0% fat but have no idea about the chemicals and preservatives added in the product and how those preservatives are harmful for the body. Which can cause many harmful affects to our system. However, science shall test everything and find out weather how harmful is the product for our body and what is the quantity to be consumed. So it may help many other people.

Healthy Junk food can sometimes turn out good as well, for the kids who don’t eat much and need to develop or gain weight because they are underweight for their age or height I think something containing cheese and vegetables in the food will be a good for their body development and not only that even eating dark chocolate can leave the body fuller and it makes the person feel less hungry. Scientist say that consuming dark chocolate decreases chances of diabetes and less heart problems. Those who eat dark chocolate consume lesser fat than the people who eat other chocolates, so dark chocolate would be an option. Not only that, even coffee is good for preventing skin cancer and prevents from developing basal cell carcinoma, a common type of skin cancer. Even Beer is a good source for preventing cardiovascular troubles, strokes and heart attacks, 30% less than a non-drinker. Even sugary sweets are sometimes good, it helps you giving energy which can make you move. All food is good in moderation. Until and unless not consumed over the limit. Everything is good for a change.

Junk food increases heart related diseases. It leads to high cholesterol, which turns out blocking arteries with plaque, and which damages the blood circulation which can cause heart attacks and strokes. Junk food eaten in access can make you fat. Junk food might surely not be one of the best choices. Surely it is delicious, affordable and one of the kids favorite thing. However, there are many disadvantages and arguments against junk food. As long as junk food eaten in a specific quantity which isn’t bad for your health. There are many affects of eating junk food, like, having a stroke count in one of the most serious types if health problems in the body. Junk food is rich in sodium and salt, which can produce massive changes in the circulation system. For a person who has 500mg of salt more than recommended, it can increase the chances of a stroke by 17%. Over eating of junk food can also cause obesity, and obesity ix really common to find in children and adults these days and filling your diet with junk food can cause gaining weight. Junk food like sugary sweets and candies can also increase your chances of developing cavities. Tooth decaying starts when the enamel, the coat which start protects your teeth starts breaking down. Eating junk food which contains a high sugar content, like Cold drinks, candies, and baked products. It covers your teeth, gums, and tongue with sugar. The sugar might lead to decaying of your tooth, like developing cavities. For avoiding, try eliminating the quantity of sugar in your diet.

However, many people can’t just fight against their cravings. They should keep a balanced diet and hence treat themselves once a week in a particular quantity. There are many ways to stop yourself from craving to eat your favorite food. But one of the best ways would be drinking 2 glasses of water, which will make your stomach full, and you wont feel like eating the junk. People should control their mind and cravings and eat healthy for preventing all the diseases.

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