Healthy Grief

Topics: Grief, Kübler-Ross model, Acceptance Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Grief is an inner sense of loss, feeling of emptiness and sadness every human being experience at some point of life and each person feels and handles it differently. But there are some common stages of grief which starts from recognizing a loss to the final acceptance. It is not necessary that grief should occur after the death of a beloved one. Grief is the multifaceted response to death and losses of all kinds, including emotional (affective), psychological (cognitive and behavioral), social, and physical reactions (Stroebe, Hansson, Stroebe, & Schut, 2001). Grief is a healthy response to a loss, which should not be prevented. But grief lasting more than two months and is severe enough to interfere with daily life may be a sign of complicated grief and more serious illness such as major depression (grief-mourning, grieving and bereavement, 2012) which has to be treated. Kubler- Ross developed the five stages of grieving process which include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. It is not necessary that everybody will go through all these stages in the same order. Knowing all these stages will help us to cope with the loss. Here in this paper the writer tries to compare and contrast the grieving process defined by Kubler – Ross with that of the grieving process of Job in the Bible, and tries to relate the findings with that of the writer’s own preferred method of handling grief and see whether this research has changes the view of grief. According to the Bible, Job was an obedient, god-fearing man, who was blessed with wealth, health and wisdom. One day Job lost all his wealth, health and possessions, including his children. In addition to that Job had developed very bad sores all over his body. This all was because God was challenging the Satan with Job’s faith and obedience. But finally Satan failed. Even after all those terrible loss happened in his life, Job never turned against God, but he turned towards Him and worshiped Him saying,...

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