Healthy Eating Plan

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Healthy Eating Plan By: Fantisa Starr November 2, 2008 I have written a healthy eating plan so I can live a healthier life. I recently did a three day diet analysis and based on the information from the food pyramid my eating habits are not very healthy. My daily diet is lacking fruits and vegetables from the pyramid and based on it I need fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy diet. There are 40 different essential nutrients that a person needs to stay healthy. Because the foods I eat vary from day to day, the amounts and types of nutrients I consume vary each day. Having too much or too little can cause serious symptoms when my intake is less than my needs, I could suffer from under nutrition. The symptoms the symptoms can vary depending on which nutrient is lacking from my body. Vitamin A is needed for vision and Vitamin D is needed for strong bones. The degree of the deficiency also determines the symptoms. I plan to start eating healthy daily by using the Food Guide Pyramid to help me get all the correct foods daily, planning for a healthy diet that meets nutrient requirements and recommendations for health promotion and disease prevention. This pyramid consists of the following foods and serving I should have each day: Fats, oils, and sweets- use sparingly Milk, yogurt, and cheese- 2 to 3 servings Meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, nuts, eggs- 2 to 3 servings Vegetables 3 to 5 servings Fruits 2 to 3 servings Grains, bread, cereal, rice, pasta- 6-11servings The amount of servings I need per day will be based on my daily activities and special needs. I am going to make this diet a healthy yet, interesting and enjoyable one; by experimenting with new foods and combinations, trying healthy diet recipes from magazines like using chickpeas, or black beans in a salad for lunch or dinner to get it a different taste, trying something new for breakfast, eating exotic fruits, low-fat yogurt and a spoonful of wheat germ,...

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