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Lesson 17


After studying this chapter, students should be able to understand the following:

A. Explain Recruitment
B. Describe Sources of Recruitment
C. Identify alternatives to recruitment
D. Understand Recruitment – an applicant’s perspective

E. Evaluate the Recruitment Process

Today we will discuss about the first step of staffing function which is Recruitment. We begin this lecture by presenting the recruitment process. This section is followed by internal recruitment methods, external recruitment sources, and external recruitment methods. Finally, recruitment evaluation will be discussed.

A. Recruitment:
Recruiting refers to the process of attracting potential job applicants from the available labor force. Every organization must be able to attract a sufficient number of the job candidates who have the abilities and aptitudes needed to help the organization to achieve its objectives. An effective employee selection procedure is limited by the effectiveness of recruiting process. Outstanding job candidates cannot be selected if they are not included in the applicant pool.

The recruitment process also interacts with other personnel functions, especially performance evaluation compensation training and development and employee relations. Recruiting is typically a human resource function. In planning recruiting activities, an organization needs to know how many applicants must be recruited. Since some applicants may not be satisfactory an others may not accept the job offers, an organization must recruit more applicants than it expects to hire. Yield Ratios help organizations decide how many employees to recruit for each job opening. These ratios express the relationship between the number of people at one step of the recruitment process relative to the number of people who will move to the next step. Now we will discuss the different sources of recruitment that are available to organization:

B. Source of Recruitment:
Basically organizations are available by the two man sources of recruitment which are:

I. External Recruitment. II. Internal Recruitment.

Vacancies in upper level management can be filled either by hiring people from outside the organization or by promoting lower level mangers. Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages.

We will consider both internal and external recruitment sources in detail:

I. Internal Recruiting Sources:
When job vacancies exist, the first place that an organization should look for placement is within itself. An organization’s present employees generally feel that they deserve opportunities to be promoted to higher-level positions because of their service and commitment to organization. More over organizations have opportunities to examine the track records of its present employees and to estimate which of them would be successful. Also recruiting among present employees is less expensive than recruiting from outside the organization. The major forms of the internal recruiting include:

1. Promotion from with in.
2. Job posting.
3. Contacts and referrals

a. Promotion from within:
Promoting entry level employees to more responsible positions is one of the best ways to fill job vacancies and important reason why company should have a human resource planning system. An organization that has human resource planning system uses succession plans and replacement charts to identify and prepare individuals for upper

level positions. Skills inventories are useful in identifying individuals who have the potential for advancement, and individual’s desire to be promoted can be assessed in the performance appraisal review. A promotion from within policy is intrinsic to career development and human resource planning. A promotion from within policy can stimulate great motivation among employee, and this motivation is often accompanied by a general improvement in the employee morale....
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