Healthy City and Community

Topics: Pollution, Health, Health care Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: March 9, 2011

To compare with last few decades, now healthy communuties and healthy cities are more important issue. Many government, many associations and people try to answer this question “What is a healthy city?”. This question may be answered that a healthy city has regularly changing and developing social and physical environment. These social and physical environment can be explained enough food, clean water and air, adequate resources, good income, safety, education and social support. The idea of how we can make a healthier city has put another question mark on people’s mind. What makes a community healthy? Healthy community may be regarded as high quality of life. It is clear that there is strong relationship between healthy city and healthy community. Therefore, people have developed mainly two ways to build healthier city and community with the help of this relationship.

First of all, in order to create healthy community and healthy city, the design of city may be given more importance. Namely, the structure of city may be redesigned according to increasing population and changing life standards. For example, if there are not enough houses, new buildings may be built. According to the increasing population, new job opportunities may be created by government because if people do not earn enough money, they cannot be healthy people and healthy family. Another important issue is transportation system in the city because if there is not regular transportation system, people are likely to face traffic problems that leads air and noise pollution. This problem affects negatively not only health of city, but also health of community. Furthermore, if people want to create healthy city, they should provide adequate hospital, schools, police station that are necessary for all cities. All people can reach easily these buildings and if these buildings are very old, they should be changed or modified...
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