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Topics: Special education, Individualized Education Program, Behavior Pages: 188 (59360 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Encouraging Positive Behaviour in the Early Years
A Practical Guide
2nd edition Collette Drifte

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For Reinhard, with my love

CD-ROM contents Acknowledgements About the author How to use this book 1 How to make sure your setting is fully inclusive An overview of SEN legislation Inclusion or integration – are they the same thing? Does inclusion have any advantages? So how do we ‘do’ inclusion? How can we avoid exclusive practices? How can we develop inclusive practices? Some practical strategies to ensure inclusion of children with behavioural difficulties The child and inclusion What else can I do? The setting and inclusion Persona dolls 2 How to write a positive behaviour policy for your setting What is a policy? Why does your setting need a positive behaviour policy? What needs to go into a positive behaviour policy? Can you stand up to self-scrutiny? Who plans and uses the policy? How do we go about it? Involving the children in the planning process Involving the parents or carers in the planning process Involving outside agents in the planning process How to put your planning into practice 3 How to write Individual Education Plans to encourage positive behaviour Some factors that can influence behaviour Identifying and recording inappropriate behaviour Planning and writing IEPs: some general principles The IEP form Writing the IEP Writing a Positive Behaviour IEP Working with the child and their parents in planning IEPs Other people who may be involved Reviewing an IEP 4 How to reduce inappropriate behaviours while encouraging positive ones Behaviour management theory (or ‘Cause and effect’) The ABC approach xi xiii xv xvii 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 8 10 11 13 14 17 17 18 18 20 24 24 25 27 28 29 35 36 38 42 44 45 46 49 51 54 61 62 62



Observations suitable for the ABC approach Strategies for encouraging positive behaviour Children for whom English is an additional language Some strategies for working with children with EAL Assessment of the child with EAL Case studies Suggested responses...

References: and Further reading
1 3 and 2 Developing Individual Behaviour Plans in Early Years, Hannah Mortimer (NASEN, 2000)
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