Healthlite Yogurt Information Technology Plan

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Business Plan
Healthlite Yogurt Co.
Danbury, Connecticut

Table of Contents

1.0 Organization Overview2
1.1 Organization Structure2
1.2 Organization Products2
1.3 Major Business Processes2
2.0 Problem Statement3
2.1 Existing Problems with the Current Processes3
2.2 Factors Contributing to the Problem5
3.1 Overview of Management Plan6
3.2 Objectives6
3.3 Timeline7
3.4 Major Milestones9
3.5 Cost and Benefit Assessment for Plan Implementation9
4.0 Business Process Change Drivers10
5.0 Technology Plan12
5.1 Goals and Technology Vision12
5.2 Current Technology and Resources13
5.3 Priority Needs and Solutions13
5.4 E-Commerce and Web-Based Order Processing System15
5.5 Database Warehouse and Database Management System16
6.1 Consumer Web site17
6.2 Customer Extranet Site19
6.3 Company Intranet Site22
7.0 Proposed Project Plan for New System26
7.1 Phase 1- Web Strategy / Architecture and Development26

Figures and Tables

Figure 1 - Current Order Processing System4
Figure 2 - Revised Company Hierarchy7
Figure 3 - Timeline8
Figure 4 ¡V Milestones9
Figure 5 - Web-Based Order Processing System16
Figure 6 - New Web-Based Ordering System28

Table 1 ¡V Program Cost10
Table 2 ¡V Priority Needs14
Table 3 - Quality Assurance Performance Measures29


JMC consulting has established that the Healthlite Corporation has a need to improve their current order processing systems and communication methods. This need is brought about by the limited technology that is employed by Healthlite. What JMC proposes is that the company invests in a new system that will solve their order processing dilemmas and also the communication issues from the company headquarters to the regional offices. The new system includes new software and hardware and will also allow for the use of the Internet to provide a better experience for the customers and allow Healthlite to market new products and services. All of these functions will be integrated to provide a seamless experience for the customer and also will provide detailed reports to the management. When implemented, these systems will provide the means for the company to achieve greater growth and profitability.

1.0 Organization Overview

1.1 Organization Structure

Healthlite Yogurt Company, a leading yogurt manufacturer in the United States, is based in Danbury, Connecticut. The company¡¦s senior management and marketing department are located at the company¡¦s headquarters. The marketing department is staffed with 12 associates.

Seven processing plants manufacture and ship all of Healthlite¡¦s product line. The organization¡¦s manufacturing and shipping facilities are strategically situated in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Colorado, Illinois, Washington and California.

The company has 20 sales regions and receiving warehouses through out the United States. Each sales region employs a sales manager and approximately 30 sales representatives. The sales representatives are responsible for taking sales orders from Healthlite¡¦s customers. Some sales representatives manage as many as 80 customer accounts.

1.2 Organization Products

Healthlite manufactures and commercializes yogurt and yogurt-based products. The company¡¦s product line includes: 1. Yogurt
Varieties- low fat, low sugar and regular
Flavors- lemon, raspberry, cherry, vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, plain 2. Yogurt-based snacks
Varieties- Yogurt covered peanuts, pretzels, raisins
3. Frozen desserts- Frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors
4. Yogurt-based salad dressings

1.3 Major Business Processes

A mainframe computer located at Healthlite corporate headquarters supports the company¡¦s business processes databases. Credit verification is done at the central office, where all orders are processed....
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