Healthcare Utilization

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Health Care Utilization Paper
A long time ago the world and it’s people were a part of a place where health care coverage was a neighbor or friend of a friend with limited medical training who would come to your house and offer home remedies as medical attention. The woman of the house would serve as the sole caretaker and unless the condition required additional care, no other options were available. There was no such thing as a health care clinic or hospital, no licensed physicians, no specialty surgeons, no health insurance and certainly no law enforcing you and your family to have medical coverage or be fined. Payment for health care services was a home cooked meal, a bag of potatoes or a simple ‘thank you’. Return to current day and age and the statement above is foreign.

The current President of the United States of America, the 44th President Barack Obama, created and set in motion for a law to be passed called “ The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010” (PPACA), which was later upheld by the Supreme Court. “The main goals of PPACA are to minimize the number of uninsured Americans and make healthcare available to everyone at an affordable price” (Affordable Care Act, 2013). Previous options for underinsured and/or uninsured American’s were to apply for state assistance called Medicaid coverage, pay for medical services as a self-pay patient or neglect receiving medical care. Many American’s employers offered medical coverage however there were clauses on new insurance contracts that withheld any and all coverage on pre-existing conditions, if services were obtained for those documented conditions; the patient would be fully liable for all expenses until a certain waiting period had elapsed.

The result of the PPACA being passed has created a frenzy among the American people to obtain adequate insurance coverage or receive a fine after January 1, 2014. The government has created a database website which allows the American people...

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