Healthcare Reform

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“Healthcare Reform”


In this paper, I will discuss “healthcare”. This is a very important topic in today’s society and should be assessed better by GOP’s than it is right now. Many people need to be able to understand the cause and effect of healthcare, as well as how they can benefit from it meaning through great stewardship, financially, or just all around as a whole.

Sometimes I wonder why the United States can’t make it to where healthcare is free for everyone. Is it because this is a money hungry country or is it because the government is just down-right selfish and want everything to go their way, without the rest of the citizens being able to say anything on the issue of healthcare and what we the people, feel the criteria and requirements should be like. Healthcare is a very important issue in this country of the U.S. and some people agree with the conditions and requirements of it and some individuals don’t agree with its terms.

In some cases, you have to ask yourself, that if I become ill, should I have to pay someone to take care of me, despite the fact that they chose to go into the healthcare profession and supposed to have so much passion and compassion for the sick. To me that doesn’t seem right under any circumstances at all, because if a person feels passionate about helping someone, then they shouldn’t be holding their hands out for anything in return, except for a simple hand shake or thank you. And unfortunately, I have actually witnessed people being turned down and away from receiving healthcare services, because of the kind of healthcare insurance they have or for not having medical insurance at all. So in my eyes, I don’t think that anyone should be prohibited from healthcare services for any reason. But you have to remember that this is America and this is the way it operates and treats its loyal citizens, who have worked hard all their lives...
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