Healthcare Operations Management Roles and Goals

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Healthcare Operations Management Roles and Goals
Trinette M. Landry
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Patience McGee
August 16, 2010

Healthcare Operations Management Roles and Goals
Healthcare Operations Management is a discipline that integrates scientific principles of management to determine the most efficient and optimal methods to support patient care delivery ( Langabeer, 2008). Operations management is defined as the quantitative management of supporting business systems and processes that transform resources (or inputs) into health care services (outputs). Operations management has many roles and goals to accomplish as one of the leaders of a business. Roles of Operations Management

The basic role of operations management is to transform a company’s input that consist of workers and managers, into the finish goods or serviced, which is known as the output. Inputs are defined as the resources, and assets such as labor and capital, including cash, technology, equipment and information. Outputs is the actual production and delivery of health care services ( Langabeer, 2008 ). Operations management is responsible for orchestrating all the resources need to produce the product. Operations management makes sure that the best quality of health care is given. Goals of Operations Management

Within a hospital sector operations management has many goals such as: reduce cost, reduce variability and improved logistics flow, improved productivity, improve quality of customer service, and continuously improved business processes. Reducing cost is always at the forefront within an organization. Staffing also plays an important role as for the cost and patient care. Great customer service implies reducing medical errors and improves patient safety, in addition to high levels of patient satisfaction (Langebeer, 2008). Development of customer relationships has made it possible for companies to have detailed knowledge of their customers....

References: Langabeer. J. R. (2008). Health Care Operations Management: A quantitative approach to business and logistics. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publisher, Inc.
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