Healthcare Managers Use of IT: The Ethical Dilemma

Topics: Ethics, Health care, Health care provider Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Ethics is the principles and assumptions of right and wrong that individuals use to make choices and informed decisions. These principles guide behaviors by setting out what is deemed right or wrong. There are ethical issues in all aspects of the human endeavor as well as in all subject matters because wherever we find ourselves, we are faced with making choices and decisions that affect other members of the society. Information systems and technology has revolutionized the way we live and change our life styles in totality. For instance, letters by mail used to be the form of communicating to people outside your immediate environment. This used to take days, weeks or months depending on the distance between you and the person before you get a feedback/reply. Now, mobile phones and internet allows for instant communications making life easier and helping businesses. In as much as information systems and technology is improving our lives styles, it also comes with other negative consequences and raises a lot of ethical issues. For instance, new forms of crime are committed using information technology. A whole US government database has been hacked into by hackers who live outside the country; they do this by using networks of information systems. This paper examines the ethical issues that might be faced by managers when inventing or using information technology. Healthcare professionals in the care of developmentally disabled individuals, face ethical dilemmas with the use of clients who receive services at their institutions.

Developmentally disabled individuals do not have the full ability to protect their personal information and records of their healthcare. Health professionals in this field have the sole responsibility of gathering this information and using them to the individuals’ advantage. The information includes their names, social security numbers, insurance type and numbers, medical records numbers, home...
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