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Being a student from Saint Leo University and being able to take the Healthcare Management class has helped opened my eyes to the Healthcare Profession. I am currently a Financial Counselor at a Skilled Nursing Facility, which is a fancy name for Business Office Manager and Human Resources. I have been in this position for 9 months and was very hard for me to adjust at first. I have used my everyday skills to understand my class discussions and I also used my class discussions to help me whenever I was in a bind at work. Working in the Healthcare profession can be a lot of work and draining if you do not used the correct leadership tactics, motivation, or organizational skills. The top three organizations setting of a future health care management position I choose are: Insurance/Managed Care Companies, Health Information Systems, and Hospice Care. The reason why I choose Insurance/Managed Care Companies as my first choice of health profession is because I enjoyed talking to patients and their families about health coverage. I also like to make sure the patient and families are aware of their insurance policies and how to read in between the lines financially. I chose Health Information systems as my second choice of profession because I am very proficient in the administration portion of this profession which takes a lot of computer and law knowledge. The last profession I choose is Hospice Care, this last profession is important to me because this where my healthcare career started. Hospice Care focuses more on terminally ill patients and tending to physical as well as spiritual needs. In Chapter 2, it talks about Leadership in the healthcare setting. In any business setting, there must me leaders as well as managers (Shanks, 2012). In my Nursing Home we have an excellent administrator who expresses every true thought and opinions he have about his residents and employees. Mr. Lake‘s leadership is a mixture of Inspirational, Diversity and Authentic. He has a big effect on our Nursing Home; anything that may goes wrong Mr. Lake is the first person to try to resolve the issue with a second thought. He also is a nature born trainer, if there is an employee who sounds unsure of a difficult scenario, he will question you until you get the answer right. This tactic develops employee’s work ethics and helps the employee to know what to do if this scenario should happened again. One of the bad traits he has as a leader is being silver tongued. Mr. Lake loves to express how he feels, especially if there is a silly situation that happens in our facility. He also is compassion of his residents; he often buys those gifts and loves to talk the family members as they walk into our facility. Mr. Lake leads the facility with a lot of respect and knowledge of every business aspect in the Healthcare profession. He is one of the best bosses I have ever worked for. In a healthcare organization, good leadership is more than just important—it is absolutely critical to the organization’s success (Paul M. Schyve, 2009). The three leadership development goals I would like to reach are: strategy thinking, Priority setting, Conflict management. I choose Strategy thinking as a goal I would like to reach because in the Healthcare profession, you have to think fast and move fast. There are days where I would plan my whole days of things that needs to get done, but corporate may email me and need me to work on a project for billing purposes. I feel that I need to prioritize better as well, instead of trying to be superwoman and do everything. I have learned this early in my career that this profession can make or break you if you are not organize. My last goal I would like to reach is conflict management and resolution because there are a lot that goes on in a Skilled Nursing Home and there are certain situations I would like handle better. I personally feel as if I am a good leader, but I do need some guidance of better...

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