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The information revolution has changed the health care system to an unbelievable level. Combination of informatics in nursing is going beyond data processing function I view nursing informatics as a specialty title to health care informatics. Health informatics. the application of computer and information science in al basic and applied biomedical sciences to facilitate and acquisition , processing, interpretation, optimal use, and communication of health-related date. Hebda, T., & Czar, P. (2012. P.6). I consider healthcare informatics is dealing with information, computerized information and telecommunications. Especially for nursing informatics deals with these also but how they impact patient care. Nurses in today’s world are almost all familiar with some sort of healthcare informatics such as a computerized medication system or charting systems as well as discharge instructions or patient education. Every nurse at my facility uses the computer, internet, and intranet daily to conduct patient care. I work in the OR and we get our room assignment off a computer generated sheet. There are definitely different levels the variety of nurses are able to use the computer systems for these purposes. We collect data and information before patient come to the operating room. We will collect date about patient’s age, weight, allergy, blood work …..Etc. We use this knowledge to manage and plan the patient care. For example: my patient is overweight I will need to solve the moving patient from cart to bed problem before and after surgery. I will put a special air mattress on the OR bed. And by checking the patient labs from the computer, I will know if this patient has been cross matched for the surgery in case so unpredictable blood lost from the surgery. I think the computer system is essential for patient care. It benefits both the patients stay and the work flow of the nurse. From the patients perspective they can expect fewer errors, shorter stays, better...
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