Healthcare Industry Grid

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Healthcare Industry Overview Grid
University of Phoenix Susie Hughes
HCS 235
August 1, 2011
Ms. Frutchey

Healthcare Industry Overview Grid
Complete the Health Care Industry Overview Grid that is located below. There are many areas within the health care that are options for career placement or advancement. Research different fields within the industry, such as pharmaceutical/drug, health information systems, and long-term care/gerontology, and fill in each box to contain information regarding the health care industry. There is an example that is already started to help with the process, but ensure you include adequate information to support your findings. Use a minimum of three references to support your information. This assignment is due in Week Three.

Industry| Career Explanation| Industry Examples| Role of Health Care Personnel| Manufacturing (Equipment/Supplies)| Offers a wide selection of medical equipment and supplies, from home-health products to examination room products to fit the every individual’s health care needs. Professionals, organizations, and associations may find quality and affordable medical equipment and supplies for clinics, hospitals, nursing facilities and home health environments. | Surgical/medical instrumentsOrthopedic, prostheticsAppliance/suppliesDental equipmentx-ray apparatusrelated irradiation equipmenthospital beds stethoscopesBlood pressure cuffsWound care supplies| Biomedical Equipment Technician- Maintains adjusts, calibrate and repair a wide variety of electronic electromechanical and hydraulic equipment used in hospitals and other medical environments.Medical Supply Representative- Engages in selling and marketing of healthcare products, supplies and equipment.Medical Equipment Delivery Driver- A individual that picks up and delivers medical supplies and equipment. (| Pharmaceutical/Drug | Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing industry...

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