HealthCare Industry

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Health Care Industry
September 30, 2013

HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY 2 Health care is made up by many different practitioners, such as doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, etc. The health care industry is always changing with the advancements in medicine and technology. This paper will cover how the health care industry has gone through multiple changes, the role in the health care industry that I will be doing, how I will be able to adapt all of my skills and develop along with the needs of the health care industry, the understanding of the health care industry and how it has changed since I have been in the program along with its significant impact, technology’s role and how it has been in the coming decade within the health care organizations, and how financial and economic issues in the health care industry will have an effect within the next 10 years. Over the last 10 years health care has changed in many different ways. More individuals are living longer lives and the advances in medical treatment have improved and have had major breakthroughs with the care of patient’s. Technology has been one of the major changes in health care by expanding the types of technology used to help with the care of the patient’s, whether through surgery or general care. New technology has allowed the health care facilities to save more individual lives and properly diagnosis of patient’s. In the last 10 years health care has also increased in cost on average per individual. The number of uninsured individual’s has also risen due to the rising cost of health care. Doctor’s are now able to use technology to have access to medical records of each patient whenever needed. The records within a health care...
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