Healthcare Industry

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Regine Roy

Health Care Industry Paper
Health care is one of the largest industries in America and it has change over the years. This paper will look at some aspects of health care and how it has changed over the years. Several aspects of the medical industry have changed from how medication is given to how medical information is kept and stored for medical research. The paper will explain how health care has changed over the last 10 years, and the biggest changes that will affect health care in the next 10 years. The paper will also discuss what my role will be in the health industry, especially when it comes to adapting the skills learned into the health care industry. Along with the information mentioned above, my perception of how the healths care industry has changed over the course of my program. Lastly, the role of technology in healthcare organizations in the decades to come will be discussed along with the financial and economic issues that will affect the health care industry within the next 10 years. Health Care in 10 years

The health care delivery system of today has undergone remarkable changes, even over the relatively diminutive period of the past decade. New and emerging technologies, including drugs, devices, procedures, tests, and imaging machinery, have changed patterns of care and sites where care is provided. Some of the changes that have occurred are as follows: In early medicine many physicians worried more about their patients and the inside calling to medicine. Physicians have moved from an atmosphere of a single practice to a practice of multi-specialty groups. Diagnostic testing are finding high false/positive outcomes. Ambulatory or outpatient surgery centers are making it possible to have surgery done the same day, instead of spending weeks in the hospital. New drugs are being put on the market that may cure or lengthen the course of the disease, although it may be at increased cost...
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