Healthcare for the Disabled

Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Pro 1st: In korea today, there is an increasing number of people who doesn’t have access to health care, such as proper cancer insurence because of their inability to pay the amount that they need to get the care they want despite the Korean National Health care system. It is because the National Health Care system does not cover serious illness such as cancer. hello my name is sang-eun kim and I am the 1st speaker on the proposition side. I will first say our team’s burden, define the topic and move on to my argument. Our team’s burden is that we should priortise health care for all people in Korea instead of prioritizing the people who have disabilities in korea. We will define prioritize as treating it as more important, subsidies as finanal aid, health care as medical care, such as proper medical treatment and people who is permanently with any impairment which limits the physical fuction of limbs, and also which limits other facets of daily living. I do think that the health care program in Korea is excellent however, that does not mean it’s faultless and that does not mean it is any less a problem to fix than increasing financial support for physically disabled. Because the health care program in Korea focuses on equality, there is lots of gaps-problems that we need to fix, such as serious illness such as cancer which the NHIC does not cover which means that a lot of Korean people with cancer suffer from bankruptness+cancer.,etc. NHIC doesn’t cover complex disease

First, the coverage under the Korean national health insurance is not as good as the European countries, especially when it comes to more expensive diseases. Given that Koreans generally pay less for premium compared Europeans/Canadians, NHIC tends to be more conservative on what type of procedure counts as covered. This is not a big deal with primary care where a procedure for common cold, for example, is straightforward. But this could pose a problem when it comes to a continual condition or...
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