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Communication and Information Technology Paper
Alyson Lenoir
February 19, 2013
Mrs. Nina Manning

Communication and Information Technology Paper
Information technology and communication shows and strong interest in the health care industry. A technology improvement centralizes communication, administrative processes, and enhances the quality of care that is provided to patients. Medical professionals depend on cutting- edge technology to promote communication so that they may work collectively as a team. Effective communication is a crucial part of everyone’s lives, but not so much as when we are seeing a doctor. Effective communication in healthcare is important for right diagnosis, correct care, useful treatment, legal processes, and medical progress. Electronic medical records were born, thanks to information technology. Electronic Medical Records systems let doctors keep up with electronic patient files, which makes keeping up with the patients medical records easier, it helps keep the information more organized and minimizes medical errors that are often caused by poor handwriting. Doctors can also email sections of a patient’s medical chart to a specialist or to a hospitals so that the impatient physicians knows the type of medications the patient is taking currently (Sheahan, 2011). Prescription technology plays an important part in healthcare communication. It lets physicians and pharmacies communicate with each other virtually. Doctors can send a prescription to the pharmacy right from their computers for patients. This relieves the patients from having to bring their prescriptions to the pharmacy in person. According to the National ePrescribing Patient Safety Initiative website electronic prescriptions helps reduces medications errors. Effective communication in healthcare is very important in helping pinpoint a diagnosis of one’s condition. Both the physician and the patient should be very clear on what they say to one...

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