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Running head: Health Care Facilities

Healthcare facilities like the of yesterday
Yolanda Burdette-Newman
September 12, 2011
Lee Tompkins

In a society where it has become commonplace to live at a fast-paced, it seems to almost be a requirement for living in today’s world; everyone wants everything quick and fast. Health care technology has had to advance at a rapid pace by leaps and bounds into the future in order to care for the current generation. People are living longer and with the push for everyone to obtain diagnoses earlier and to seek health care from the start. Health care of today is nothing like it was 20 or even 30 years ago. The government has also begun the strong push for everyone to have health care coverage. This means that sicker people will require the up to date technology to care for them. Health Care Reform has been put into law by the government. There is still strong opposition, from the public about having insurance coverage for everyone.

The health care industry has experienced a proliferation of innovations aimed at enhancing life expectancy, quality of life, diagnostic and treatment options as well as the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the health care system. Information technology has played a vital role in the innovation of healthcare systems (Omachonu & Einspruch, 2010.) Innovation in healthcare continues to be a driving force in the quest to balance cost containment and health care quality. Innovation is considered a critical component of business productivity and competitive survival. Technological innovations present vast opportunities for 1) Product innovation-the introduction of new types of goods and services for the external market and 2) process innovation-enhancement of internal production processes for goods and services (Omachonu & Einspruch, 2010.) Medical science has advanced exponentially during the last half a century. The paper system has stifled the ability of...

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