Healthcare Economic issue

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Insurance Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: June 15, 2015
Healthcare Economic issue
Article one: The influence of current legislation on health care Over 30 million people in the United States were underinsured and over 10% of privately insured adults had a deductible of $4K or more in 2014, up from 1% in 2003 (The Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey, 2014). There are estimates from Commonwealth Biennial Survey that indicated over 25% of adults aged 20-65 had such an enumerated out of pocket deductible that compared to their income they were underinsured. Compared to the previous years (2009-2013) the numbers are unchanged but have doubled from 2003. The cost share between insured adults has quadrupled increasing over 11% in 2014. Simply put over half of the uninsured adults in America are not getting care because of bills, debt, and healthcare costs. The Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) has altered the way healthcare is delivered to Americans, especially those who are jobless. There have been many studies that have exhibited that the law's coverage, growth, and protections have decreased the number of uninsured adults by as many as over 16 million people (Carman, K. Eibner, C. Paddock, S. 2013-2015). The main intent as proposed by Congress was to do more than merely expand access; they also wanted people to get care at an affordable rate. Therefore the marketplace healthcare plan and the law incorporates specific requirements to the health care benefits package, including cost sharing, and lower deductibles for low-income and Medicaid families. It is a fact that most people covered by Medicaid have little or no cost sharing in most states, so the ACA is doing what it professed to. The majority of Americans currently get their health coverage through their employers. Before the ACA getting employer coverage was fare more all-inclusive than individual coverage. Nonetheless, premiums over the last ten years have made employers share broadening amounts of healthcare costs with employees,...
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