healthcare compliance and coding management effectivness

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No matter where you work each employee has specific tasks that must be implanted in order to meet the organizations goals. There are specific responsibilities that a coding manager must carry must carry out to obtain goals for improvement. Some areas for the coding manager may be analyzing job descriptions, while developing goals for clinical documentation improvement. Others include working with the human resources department and ensuring revenue cycle success. Lastly, coding managers need to use strategies to improve coding accuracy and productivity in order for the responsibilities to be carried out adequately. The job description for an inpatient coding position involves a variety of duties for the accuracy and completion of a medical record. The inpatient coder works under minimal supervision. They are only responsible for reviewing all patient records, but they are also responsible for coding the information to be entered into the computer for all inpatient cases. The inpatient coder ensures that the data entered is relevant, indicating the reason that the patient was admitted, which involves the kind of illness and a breakdown of the treatment that was given (Henderson.) The inpatient coder uses the current version of ICD-CM classification for the most appropriate DRG assignment for assigning codes to diagnoses and procedures. They have to be able to determine the correct diagnosis and secondary diagnosis, identifying and assigning co-morbidities and complications and principle procedure codes. The inpatient coder is also responsible for selecting the proper DRG and Discharge Disposition Code. The impatient coder sends the documentation to HIM Operations for follow-up when Physicians documentation is not clear or straight forward. Other responsibilities include completing various fields on computerized abstract. Furthermore, the inpatient coder must have an analysis to pay critical attention to detail and work in close collaboration with the Clinical...

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