Healthcare Administration

Topics: Education, Learning, Academic degree Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Over the past nine weeks, I have learned a substantial amount of knowledgeable information that I will be able to use throughout my entire college career. This information has prepared a solid platform for me to obtain a higher education. This class has been very beneficial for someone like me who has been out of high school for almost 20 years. It taught time management skills, organizational skills, good study habits, and many other credentials that have prepared me to be a better student in the upcoming classes. There are many benefits from earning a college degree. It opens up many opportunities that otherwise one would never have. A degree improves your marketability in the job market by improving skills and increasing knowledge. It also improves written as well as verbal communication skills. Critical thinking and analysis skills are also improved during these years. Educated workers are becoming increasingly more valuable in this day and time. Many lower-skilled jobs are being shipped overseas, and computers do much of the repetitive work now. The more complex tasks that require people to solve problems and work together are what is left for us to obtain a job in. It is becoming more relevant that the skills that used to be reserved for senior technical people or managers are required of everyone today. Without a solid college education it is almost impossible to gain knowledge of these skills. Online courses offer the opportunity to learn in a collaborative environment. There are pros and cons to learning in this type of environment. It allows both the student and the instructor to participate and interact during the class. Learning as part of a group is an important way to help us gain experience in collaboration and develop important skills in critical thinking, self-reflection, and co-construction of knowledge. This type of learning allows us to engage in interactive and collaborative activities with other classmates. This is a great...
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