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Health Care Information Systems Terms

Define the following terms. Your definitions must be in your own words; do not copy them from the textbook.

After you define each term, describe in 40 to 60 words the health care setting in which each term would be applied. Include at least two research sources to support your position—one from the University Library and the other from the textbook. Cite your sources in the References section consistent with APA guidelines.

How Used in Healthcare
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act came in to effect in 1996. It protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information. HIPAA is used in all organizations that require care of patients. HIPAA protects the privacy of patients’ information and gives access to only the nurses, doctors, and staff members that are involved in treating the patient. By doing so it protects the privacy of the patients and their medical history. Electronic medical record (EMR)

Formed within an association concerning patients health details Electronic health check reports would be used in either a small or large healthcare association. Those associations have intentions to reduce the number of mistakes while increasing the efficiency of patient details recovery. Electronic health record


Similar to EMR, but it can be utilized by staff from more than one association Electronic medical reports would concern a larger health care association that has the necessity to intermingle and swap details Personal health record


Produced and maintained by the patient, it concerns health details also Private medical reports would help patients by giving them command of their records. This may lead to mistakes and contradictions. Computerized provider order entry system (CPOE)

Improves patient security by lessening mistakes often made in arranging administrative and diagnostic resources This arrangement can be utilized at any stage of healthcare associations and would save funds on the expense of mistakes. Unique patient identifier

A method of distinguishing patients individually and all through the nationwide Distinctive patient identifiers are exclusive countrywide and are imperative in definitely distinguishing a patient. It also decreases the possibility of error (Alemi,j , Loaiza,F, and Vang. J (2007) Protected health information (PHI)

Details concerning any information that distinguishes the patient, and it is guarded by HIPAA Secured medical details can be found in nearly every single kind of healthcare association and is continually guarded under HIPAA. It deals with any information that could possibly distinguish a patient. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Supervises Medicare and Medicaid services all through the nation. In addition distributes funds to health care organizations The CMS is essential to health care associations, like hospitals and also small private clinics for the reason that they provide the funds that permit them to operate Covered entities

Associated to HIPAA, CE’s are any health arrangement or contributor that has susceptible patient details Enclosed individuals are alluded to in HIPAA’s regulations as a health plan or contributor that has admittance to susceptible patient information. They pertain to any health care association that accepts insurance, Medicare and Medicaid Health information exchange (HIE)

HIE’s bring a lot of dissimilar healthcare associations together with the purpose of sharing information associated to health Medical records exchange is an ingenious and necessary progress in health care for the reason that it joins associations and permits for the mass conduction and sharing of details that might serve crucial


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