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Which part of a medical history documents the nature and duration of the symptoms that caused a patient to seek medical attention as stated in that patient's own words?

What committee oversees the development and approval of new forms for the health record?

If the vice president of marketing requested information regarding the number of cardiac catheterizations performed in 2010, what index would you consult?

The term used to describe expected data values is ?

Specific performance expectations and/or structures and processes that provide detailed information for each Joint Commission standard are called ?

The first professional association for health information managers was established in?

The paper-based health record format that organizes all forms in chronological order is known as the what?

Which of the following is an example of administrative information?

Describe alphabetical filing? .

Which of the following statements is not true of the process that should be followed in making corrections in paper-based health record entries?

When was the concept of an EHR first conceived?

Which of the following is an arm of AHIMA that promotes education and research in health information management?

What is the difference between data and information?

In long term care, the resident's care plan is based on data collected in the ?

Protection of healthcare information from damage, loss, and unauthorized alteration is also known as ?

Which of the following is not a function of the discharge summary?

Which system records the location of health records removed from the filing system and documents the return of the health records?

Describe Medicare.

Which of the following federal laws resulted in the new privacy regulations for healthcare organizations?

Providers and health plans need to share information. What standard must they use?

Which of the following is a secondary purpose of the health record?

What was the primary objective of the original Social Security Act, which became law in 1935?

A special web page that offers secure access to data is a(n) ?

An individual's right to control access to his or her personal information is known as ?

What would be the linear filing inch capacity for a shelving unit with 6 shelves, each measuring 36 inches?

What is the function of a consultation report?

What is the goal of managed care?

Electronic prescribing is a special case of what?

A critical element of data retrieval planning is designing what?

A vocabulary is described as being "controlled" when it what?

Which of the following types of facility is not generally governed by long-term care documentation standards?

What is the term used to describe the process of checking individual data elements, reports, or files against each other to resolve discrepancies in accuracy of data and information?

In which department/unit does the health record typically begin?

As many private and public standards groups promulgate health informatics standards, the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology has been given responsibility for what?

Laboratory data is successfully transmitted back and forth from Community Hospital to three local physician clinics. This successful transmission is dependent on which standards? The data set designed to organize data for public release about the outcomes of care is what?

What activities are traditional medical records functions?

When all required data elements are included in the health record, the quality characteristic for ______ is met.

Our record has all of the lab filed together, all of the progress notes filed together, and so on. What format are we using?

A high-level overview of when EHR components will be implemented is what?

Which of the following computer architectures uses a single large computer to process data received from terminals into which data are entered?

"Loose" reports are health record forms that what?

The primary purpose of a minimum data set in healthcare is to what?

"Acute allergic reaction" would be documented in which part of a SOAP note?

What is the term that is used to mean ensuring that data are not altered during transmission across a network or during storage?

Which of the following describes the step during implementation when data from an old system are able to be incorporated into the new system?

The hospital where I work is transitioning to an EHR. In the meantime, we have part of the health record electronic and part is still paper. This concept is known as what?

The accreditation program of AHIMA is concerned with what?

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