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The good body is the fundamental of revolution" said Mao Zedong who was the first president of China. A good health care system does not only help a country to stay stable,but also keeps it developing. Speaking of the health care system, as an international student who is studying in the U.S., I realize some differences and similarities of health care systems of the United State and my home country, China. Since it is a communist country, the goal of health system for China has been to provide care to every member of the population and to make maximum use of limited health-care personnel, equipment, and financial resources. The goal for U.S. is providing good service to U.S. residences, making life better, and making profit from it also. The main differences between these two countries' health care systems I want to talk about are: ownership, insurance and quality.

The first significant difference is ownership of the health care system. The majority of hospitals in China are owned by the government, only a small amount of hospitals are owned privately. And a big percentage of private hospitals in China actually are owned by foreigners. Comparing to the cost, quality and size of both government owned hospitals and private hospitals, the former ones are better in all aspects. On the contrary, in U.S., most people prefer private hospitals. We can not ignore the fact that private hospitals provide better doctors and more advanced technical treatment than government owned hospitals, though they are much more expensive, depending on the purpose of making profit.

In addition, another important difference between these two countries' health care systems is insurance. There are two kinds of people we have to consider if we talk about insurance, one is employed people; another one is self-employed or unemployed people. In china, for employed people, no matter whether you work for the government, public companies or private enterprise, the company will cover your...
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