Topics: Medicine, Alternative medicine, Physician Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Are you satisfied with your health or healthcare? Do your doctors listen to you? Are you involved in your treatment? Do your doctors spend enough time with you? Are you getting individualized or personalized treatment? If you answered “no” to any of these questions you should strongly consider researching the options and alternatives available as many already have. Even though there is limited knowledge and acceptance, Complementary and Alternative Medicine has proved beneficial and successful by itself and in conjunction with conventional medicine. CAM is Complementary and Alternative Medicine. CAH is Complementary and Alternative Healthcare. Complementary medicine refers to using non-mainstream methods in conjunction with modern medicine. Alternative medicine refers to using the same approaches instead of modern medicine. Alternative medicine has been a longstanding tradition and practice in Eastern countries. These alternative techniques have been used, studied I and accepted in Canada as well. Recently patients in Western countries have become more aware and open to incorporating these practices into their healthcare regiment. Most people are familiar with traditional, allopathic, or conventional medical treatment- otherwise referred to as COM for study purposes. The general philosophy behind non-alternative medicine or modern medicine is that medical therapy or treatment should be based on science. Physicians of modern medicine must have college degrees from an accredited school and be board certified to practice medicine. Many allopathic physicians become family practitioners, internists, or generalists while most specialize in other medical fields. These practices are watched and regulated by safety commissions and health insurance providers. COM physicians and specialists generally follow a reactive and one-dimensional approach. They focus more on the paperwork, symptoms, curing the disease, or illness. COM physicians’ goals are to...
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