Topics: Decision making, Health care, Decision theory Pages: 3 (1202 words) Published: August 9, 2013
In the competitive environment of Healthcare, call-center managers receive pressure to reduce the cost of providing the service, while gaining customer satisfaction. Live Chat Support In today’s multi-channel world, where online communications are becoming more and more popular, live chat support is an easy and cost-effective way to improve the customer’s overall experience, while enhancing your customer service offering. It’s important to note that live chat support should not replace other methods of client communication but should be added to your existing customer service touch point model (i.e., phone, email, face-to-face and social media). With live chat software, your contact center agents will be able to engage in multiple chats simultaneously, making your online customer service offering much more cost-effective than the phone. The Dunlap Health Organization is organization that cares and enhances patient care along with an excellence in teamwork. With having such we have expanded into new heights of health care. We have recently over the past couple of years added a call center, business park, and adult day center which has set business to multiply ensuring all ends are criteria is met within the organization. In this paper, I will be disusing why teams are essential to health care and how teams are used in other industries such as aviation, auto racing, .and the military and so on? And how lessons from other industries might be applied in health care? I will explain which organization processes support problem solving. We are now up to expand our business even more and maybe hire additional staff if the budget allows using the 5- step planning process to careful choose the candidates and make a decision. The general manager of the call center in a health care organization will have additional department efficiencies and customer service satisfaction improvements as some of the objectives and goals. Because of high volume of calls that has doubled over...

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