Health & Wellness of Traveling

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Health & Wellness of Traveling
Traveling, individually or as a family, assists with achieving and promoting maximum health and well-being. From my experiences as an immigrant, I have found that providing my family with the opportunities to travel have been beneficial to their lives.
Traveling begins with finding the balance in one’s life. I have found that it is important to separate “work” from “play”. I define work as being the normal day to day routine each person in the home has to perform. As a stay at home mom, work includes: cleaning, laundry, cooking, assisting my children with their homework, being the chauffeur, shopping, and overall maintenance of the household. My husbands’ job is to manage high stress projects and deliverables in the technical software industry. Work isn’t limited to the adults in the household. We have been expressing to our children, since they began school that their job is to get good grades and work for their education. However, with the expectation that everyone in the household works hard during the week, we use traveling as a way to detach from the normal schedule, allowing the mind and body to rejuvenate.
Whether this is a day trip, weekend getaway, or a planned vacation, everyone benefits.. I am a firm believer that traveling offers opportunities to separate from routines, discover healthier less stressful lifestyles, and provide family values.
I have found that day trips allow for inspirational outings and adventures that clear or expand the mind. It can be as simple as pulling off the road to enjoy a picnic with the family or taking the back roads to Gettysburg. The most recent example of one of my family’s day trips was to the Renaissance festival. We enjoyed the music from different cultures, the sights of the costumes, the interesting food choices, and entertainment. When surrounded in a different environment, it allows the brain to focus on and enjoy the moment rather than thinking about the test that is coming

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