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Health Talk Show- Speaking Corner

By chrysella Dec 25, 2010 1236 Words
M.C Soleh: Welcome to……show. How are you today?? I hope you are fine. As we know, obesity has become our nightmare as statistic shows that recently, obesity has increased among us, either children, teenagers or adults!!! Obesity do not only caused harm by itself, but also invites invasion of other dangerous diseases in our body. So, today we have invited three special guests to discuss about this interesting topic. Please welcome our special guests!!! (audience clap) Welcome and please be seated…..

Without wasting our time, let me introduce our guests today. From my right, we have Dr Aiman bin Basrun from….. The next is, Miss Najwa as a health consultant from Keep Slim Management Company. And the last but not least, Miss Fazira, who is an obese months ago!! Before I continue this show, those who are at home can call us for any questions by dialing the number on the screen.

Okay then, I’m sure all of you must be really excited to hear the story from our gorgeous guest!!! Ok, we start with Miss Fazira, can you share your experience before this about how you transformed from an obese to a gorgeous woman like now??

Fazira : Thank you Mr. Soleh for inviting me to this famous talk show!!

Actually, before this, I lead a normal childhood days with ideal BMI. Everything has changed when I’m 15 years old. I was left by my boyfriend. This incident makes me so stressed!!! From that day on, I will eat everything that was served in front of my eyes except for wood and rock. Hahahaha…. Since then, I gained much weight until 120 kg!!! Can you imagine that??!! How can I survive with that way??? All my clothes have to change from S to triple XL!!! (Show her clothes before and after obesity) Eventually, I have difficulties in breathing and was diagnosed with atherosclerosis.

M.C Soleh : So, what caused you to loss weight??

Miss Fazira : Later on, my health conditions deteriorate and I have to be admitted into the ward. I received a painful operation and have to delay my study in university. My life at that time was at the lowest level, but luckily, a kind-hearted doctor always advised me to live my life well. He accept and love me as the way I am. But, as a woman, I want to be the prettiest bride on my wedding day. So, I was determined to loss weight. Thus, to solve this , I take an alternative to meet a health consultant, which is Miss Najwa from Keep Slim Management Company.

With the specialized treatment, I managed to loss 60 kg in only 3 months!! I also recover from the diseases which prevent me to enjoy my daily activities. Can you imagine that???!!!

M.C Soleh : Wow!!!!! That is so incredible!! I can’t believe this woman is actually an obese months ago!! Thanks to Miss Fazira…So Miss Najwa, can you tell us the secret behind this magical transformation??

Miss Najwa : Thanks to Mr. Soleh and his show for giving me the opportunity to share some information and tips regarding losing weight. I am one of the health consultants from Keep Slim Management Company. I used to treat Miss Fazira a few months ago. Let me show you something.( show audience a picture). Can you see this picture?? Do you believe the woman in this picture is the same woman in front all of you?? (Fazira smiles brightly, while audience say NO!!!) Why?? This is the actual picture of Miss Fazira before receiving our treatment for losing weight. All of you must be curious to know how Miss Fazira can be fit and slim like this, right?? In our company, we provide effective treatments and services especially for the person that have obesity to lose weight. Some popular treatments preferred by our customers are infrared technology sauna and special massage such as burning and mud spot massage. In the same time, we consult costumer to take balanced diet particularly to themselves. So, if anyone is interested to be fit and healthy just like her, please join us.

M.C Soleh : Wow! How can I get more info about this product?

Miss Najwa : For any inquiries or information about the treatment,plese visit our page at or visit us at any of our franchise located nearby or dial the number on the screen. Thank you.

M.C Soleh: Thanks to Miss Najwa for your superb information. Now, we turn to Dr.Aiman. What are the factors that contribute to obesity?

Dr. Aiman : The main factor of obesity is lack of physical exercise. As we all knew, people nowadays are busy with their works, thus they do not have time to take care of their food consumption and ideal weight. Heavy consumption of sugary food raises blood sugar level which in its turn makes one overweight. The conditions worsen when the person did not exercise after having meal. Eventually, they will become obese. Apart from that, do you know that high level of stress are capable of leading to obesity? Yes! That’s exactly what happened to Miss Fazira after dumped by her boyfriend. Some people overeat because of depression, hopelessness, anger and boredom. What I want to say is that emotions force people to take a particular eating habit that may not be healthy thus leading to obesity.

M.C Soleh : So doctor, we know that before this, Miss Fazira was diagnosed with artherosclerosis. Is that related to obesity ?

Dr. Aiman :Of course ! Obesity has many negative effects. Obesity raises cholesterol and triglycide that may lead to stroke. It also raises the levels of blood pressure and blood sugar. This combination increases the risk of heart attack and other dangerous cardiovascular diseases. Meanwhile, obesity also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic venous insufficiency, gallbladder problems, daytime sleeping, fatigue, gout, hypertension, pancreatic problems, infertility and low back pain. So, to all audiences, make sure, take care of your health wisely. Consume balanced diet everyday, and exercise everyday. Avoid obesity as long as you can. Obesity can lead to many other fatal diseases. Remember! Prevention is better than cure! M.C Soleh : Thank you very much doctor for the beneficial information and useful advices. Oh, I think there is a call on the line. Hello… P. Call:Truttt…Hello, is this……. show?

M.C Soleh: Oh yes. Can you introduce yourself and proceed with your question. P. Call: Hello, I’m Nora Danish from Gopeng, Perak. My son who is only 12 years old has been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1, and of course, he is an obese. So doctor, can my son recover from this disease? M. C Soleh : Ok,thanks to Madam Nora. Dr. Aiman, what is your opinion? Dr Aiman : Ok, actually, diabetes cannot be cured, but can be controlled effectively.Small weight loss can reduce the amount of medication you need. Make sure your son exercise regularly and eat foods with high fibre and low carbohydrate to achieve an ideal BMI. M.C Soleh : Thanks a lot to our guests for spending their time at my talk show. Ok, that’s all for today and thank you to the audience for lending your attention to us. See you again, at the same day, and the same time!! Have a nice day!!! Assalamualaikum…

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