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Topics: Nursing, Strategic planning, Strategy Pages: 3 (1462 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Healthcare Strategies
Unit 1 IP
American Intercontinental University
Kewanna Hill
October 19, 2014
Earl Greenia, Instructor
The Nursing home in which I have been hired as a consultant to walk the staff through the strategic planning process, and been in business for about five years and have yet to create a strategic plan. The nursing home has patients and their families complaining about the need to have more advance medical services in their faculty. Also the faculty has just learned that a new nursing home is about to open that will cause great competition, because this nursing home is being funded by very large healthcare organization. The plan that the nursing home want to put in place is one that can keep their competitor on their toes and make their current patient happier, and even bring in more patient into their nursing facility. Introduction

The purpose of this paper is to help a skilled nursing facility come up with a strategic plan that will be beneficial to the patients and the staff as well. Also I will be take drastic measure in the hopes of successful walking the nursing home staff through the strategic planning process. Steps Use to walk staff through the Strategic plan

I have been hired as a consultant for this skilled nursing faculty that is trying to walk their skilled nursing staff through the strategic planning process. And there are several steps that I will take in order to successfully carry out the planning of the strategic plan and guiding their staff through the planning process. I will first have a meeting and introduce myself to the staff, and inform them why I am there. Secondly I will give them a valid definition of a strategic plan, and then begin by process of persuading the staff to give the strategic plan a chance, thirdly will create planning committee with staff member for each department, and the last step will be to begin writing and transition the staff through the strategic plan....
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