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As an upcoming audit approaches, you want to ensure that your staff understands the basics of healthcare statistics and research. You decide to create a training packet that will be distributed to all employees in your department. For newly hired employees, the packet will assist them in learning the basics of the department. For current employees, the packet will serve as a review in order to maintain sharpened skills throughout the department. Create a written training piece (traditional paper, handout, outline, etc.) that explains the following information to your staff: *Remember this is for knowledge and research purpose*

Part I: The 6 steps of the Research Process
oDefinition of each step in the research process:
1.Define the problem: means to forming a question regarding a topic you would like to study.

Example of the Problem:
Why is the autopsy being decline or denied by the hospital?

2.Review the literature: investigation of all the information about the topic. Example:
Find information about autopsy with the CDC and the Health and Human services Department. Doing a research of the problem before starting the actual research could be beneficial to prevent doing a research that has already been done.

3.Design the research: there is 5 different type of research and which are include: a.Exploratory research
b.Historical research
c.Conclusive research
d.Correlational research
e.Evaluation research
f.Experimental research
Example of the Design the research:
The type of research that suit better the autopsy topic is the evaluation or conclusive. Both help to understand the reason of why the autopsy rate has been going down and to come with the idea of improving the rate and know the cause.

4.Collect the data: including all the data from the research obtained by observation, survey and interviews. Example of collection of data:
Once the literature has been review and the topic haven’t been research and the design of the research has been carefully chosen the data collection start with the investigation of useful data. There various type of data collection but the one that fits for the topic is the survey techniques.

Visiting various hospitals and doing a statistic report to know the percentages and the causes.

5.Analyze the data: this is the step of the research process; the investigator tries to determine what the data disclose.

Analyzing the information found in the research and the information received from the health insurance company about the cost of the autopsies and the cost of the staff required to perform autopsies.

6.Draw Conclusions: Any type of conclusion reached from the study should be related to the hypothesis or when using the qualitative approach, the identified problem. Example:
Drawing a conclusion would be an explanation of the research of why the autopsies are an essential and critical part of the cause of death and explaining why should be done. Presenting evidence to promote and recommend the hospital administration to do the autopsies could in how could improve their medical services, could help for medical research for future treatments and lower the rate of medical malpractices. Exposing this information to the health insurance could change their medical coverage and create autopsy coverage.

Part II: Explain
I.Well-researched and thought-out explanation of the importance of reviewing and analyzing healthcare statistics and data

The analysis and the revision of the health statistics and the numbers obtained during the medical observation describe the characteristics of the specific population. Statistics are the summarize of the utilization, efficiency and the cost of medical services. Each health facility utilizes a statistical analysis to ensure the medical performance outcome follow the healthcare quality standards. Hospitals and other Healthcare facilities...
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