health social care level 3

Topics: You Are Not Alone, The Postman Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Level 1

1/ how many people are they coming for dinner?
2/ when are they coming here?
3/ why are you going to college today?
4/what time are you coming home?
5/who is going for shopping today?

If I don’t go to work I won’t get paid
When? Is that going to be happened?
Why not? You are not coming home next weekend.
How? That will be happened to you.
Who? Eat my orange without telling me?

Punctuation level 1 RS/L1.2
Self-Test Exercise 12
The team’s captain Zoë brown; is an outstanding performer. She is an enthusiastic, Player, a good leader, and a likeable girl. She knows, when to urge her team, on when To encourage them and when to reprimand them. In the match, last Sunday, which Was played against a strong side, Zoë led her players to victory.

When she turned back, to the window, she raised herself on one elbow, and removed her quilt. She saw the ghost take some keys from his pocket. He began to work on the lock, to the safe ripping Out, the woodwork below it. Just as he tore the last board, loose the safe, fell on to the floor, with a thud. The door of the safe, shot open, and; golden coins spilled out. The ghost squalled, and pulled more coins, of gold, and silver, from the safe. Then he began to put the coins, in piles counting in a hoarse voice. She began to have doubt, about this ghost.

Exercise 13 Write out the following sentences clearly punctuated adding commas where needed. 1) The postman, visited Oak tree Road, Beech Avenue, and, poplar street. 2) His hobbies are, collecting old cars, new stamps, ginger jars, and beer mats. 3) His grandmother, they tell me, is a unique character.

4) That’s true in some instances according to the rules but not in others. 5) “Upstairs” Jane murmurs, and her matters, are sleep.
6) She has taken just, a few personal things, toothbrush, toothpaste, and cleansing cream. 7) David, like everyone else, is wearing, jeans, and, a polo-neck shirt. 8) You are...
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