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Topics: Nutrition, Health, Healthy diet Pages: 2 (981 words) Published: August 1, 2014
 Unit 4222-222 Suport individuals to eat and drink. 222-1 Be able to support individuals to make choices about food and drink. 1.1 Establish with an individual the food and drink thay wish to consume. 1.2 Encourage the individual to select suitable options for food and drnk. 1.3 Describe ways to resolve any difficulties or dulemmas about the choice of food and drink. 1.4 Describe how and when to seek additional guidance about an individual,s choice of food and drink.

It is important to give people some choice in the food thay eat. This will make mealtimes more enjoyable. Just imagine being unable to prepare meals for myself and having to sit down day after day to eat boring, unappetising or badly cooked food. Choice should be offered in the type of food, he way it is cooked and the quantity of food that is provided. It may also be helpful, if possible, to vary the times at which food is provided, so that people can choose the tome at which they wish to eat rather than having to fit in with the arrangements of their care setting. Of course, this is not easy as there are always considerations about staffing and running any care facility. Knowing the types of food and drink a person likes will help to build a trusting relationship. Some people choose not to eat meat because of their concern for animals. Some people have foods that they just do not like. Some people choose not to eat certain food because of religious easons. People from some groups will only eat food that has been prepared in certain ways depending on their religions laws. It is important to know what a healty and balanced diet is encouranging people to make suitable choices about what they eat is a very important part of supporting them. Some people may need to have a special diet for medical reasons, such as diabetes. A healthy balanced diet gives people all the nutrients in the right amounts for their age and gender. The amount of food taken in by a person needs to...
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