Topics: Epidemiology, Infectious disease, Medicine Pages: 3 (560 words) Published: November 2, 2013

Task 1 (LO 1): Essay 800 words
Write an essay on the importance of partnership working in the efficient delivery of public health services. You must include the following into your discussion to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of multi-agency collaboration.

• Roles of various local, national, international, and voluntary organisations • Epidemiological considerations such as geographical distribution of health conditions and vulnerable groups
• Include examples of infectious and non-infectious diseases 1.1 Explain the roles of various local, national and International organisations in enhancing public health practice
1.2 Apply relevant concepts of epidemiology and public health in the context of health and social care
1.3 Review methods of dealing with infectious and non infectious diseases in health and social care settings.


Empowering Users of Health and Social Care Services

Task 1 LO1
(Up to 700 words.)
You are a manager in an East London health and social care organization that provides services for vulnerable people from diverse backgrounds. The local authority (LA) has asked you to provide a report and join their monthly staff meeting in which your contribution will be to provide a comprehensive report in order to pass their annual Quality Assurance (QA) inspection. In the meeting and for your report you will also focus and discuss issues and concerns surrounding complaints from family members about the quality of care, staffing issues, training, rights of service users, and promotion of service user’s dignity in your organisation. In your report you must discuss current legislations and sector standard skills that...
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