Health & Safety Issues in Garments Industry of Bangladesh

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Origin of the report

Health & safety polices are not available in most of the garments manufacturers & exporters in Ready made Garments Industry of Bangladesh. As a requirement of Human Resource Management course, this project is prepared on Health & Safety issues in present Garments Industry of Bangladesh. Because if Heath & Safety policies cannot be established properly, in near future garments sector of Bangladesh will face very tough competition for ensuring it’s competitive survival in the world market.

Purpose of the report

• Present necessity of Heath & Safety policies in work place & invented implementation in developed countries

• Analyze the present the Health & Safety situation in workplace of Garments industry comparing to other part of the world

• Present guidelines for building proper Health & Safety plan for present garments manufactures & exporters. Scope of the report

This report will be very fruitful for any ready garments manufacturer for ensuring proper Health & Safe environment within his organization by establishing a proper Health & Safety plan. Not only that this report will provide formal guidelines lines for building the HS Policy. On the other hand it will help the manufactures to understand the necessity of the policy because example of developed countries & few goon manufactures are mentioned here. From the past unexpected incidents the garments manufactures can discover that what kind of loss in the previous various garments organizations occurred because of lack of Healthy & Safety policy.


Because of limitation of time this report is prepared based on the collected secondary data form various electronic journals of home & abroad. More recent news & reasons can be presented if data are collected after building a primary questionnaire for conducting a survey among garments workers of Bangladesh who are now working in very unhealthy & risky environment.

Historical Background

In Bangladesh there are various sectors. In last few years garments sector become a vital part for the county of Bangladesh. Due to the large number of population garment sector provide an opportunities for employment. Being a developing county garment sector provide a huge number of foreign currency and give a guide line to the people of Bangladesh.

Readymade garments, for the last couple of decades, have been the life- line of Bangladesh's economy. At the last count, the sector accounted for nearly 80 per cent of export earnings. Consequently, it provides profits for the currently surging consumer class that drives the economy further forward and jobs for hundreds of thousands of semi-skilled workers, mostly women, who in turn provide livelihood for millions. But most of the garments manufacturers & exporters are not concern for ensuring a proper healthy & safe environment for their workers. Most of the garments workers of Bangladesh have to work in a very unhygienic environment which ultimately creates an impact on their health & life. After lot of articles published about this fact recently few organizations within the garments industry has established HR Department, Health & Safety Department & Compliance Department in their organization. But the number is very few. Every organization should have these departments for ensuring a better business in a better working environment.

Sources and methods of data collection

Because of lack of time the full report is prepared based on secondary data. Secondary data are collected from the following resources.

• Newspapers-Internet Edition

• Electronic Journals

• Text Books



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